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The Essential Stocks & Crypto

Portfolio Management Platform

All your portfolio management  needs on one platform

Near real-time market prices and search filters 

Search markets by ticker, market cap or 24H top risers and fallers. 

Portfolio tracking, history and analytics

Track your portfolio's value versus book cost. Update buys and sells in a few taps. Fully editable. 

All top cryptos and digital assets

Bitcoin. XRP. Ethereum.

Plus all your favourite altcoins. 

Coverage across major global stock exchanges

London Stock Exchange. Nasdaq.

 New York Stock Exchange.

Toronto Stock Exchange. 

Multiple languages 

and currencies

English. Spanish. Hindi. Chinese. Japanese. Korean.

We've got you covered. 


Build your personalised watchlist on your home screen in a few simple taps

In-app customer support

Got a question or some feedback? Ideas for improvements? Let us know!

Market price alerts

Choose your stock or crypto. Set the price limit. Set the expiry date.

Never miss a move. 

Unlimited portfolios

Create and track as many stock and crypto portfolios as you like.

Chat boards

Have your say on your favourite stock or crypto in-app chat board

Portfolio risk master

Manage your portfolio' risk profile by setting risk and potential ratings for your investment, as well as tracking market liquidity 

Technical analysis

Take your TA to the next level with candlestick formations and 50,100,200 day SMA analysis

Benchmark your performance

Compare your performance against the FTSE100, S&P500, Dow Jones, TSX60 and many more 

Flexible simple subscriptions

1 month for $1.99

12 months for $11.99

*prices may vary based on your local currency*

Market price predictions



Stock profiles and fundamentals data

Profiles for all companies listed on the stock markets plus fundamental data such as Revenue, Profit Margins, P/E Ratio, EBITDA and Dividend Yield

Effortless portfolio maintenance. Record buys and sells with ease.

Monitor changes in your portfolio’s value and track the performance of the individual stocks or cryptocurrencies relative to market benchmarks, including our very own BullsEye Crypto10. 

Make the most of enhanced portfolio and investment analytics, such as being able to visualise portfolio break-even versus market value, candlestick formations, traded volumes over time and 50/100/200 day Simple Moving Averages. 

"Awesome customer support"

"Really useful app at your fingertips for keeping track of investments"

One platform. 

Multiple devices.

Track and analyse your stock trading, ISA or pension portfolios and cryptocurrency holdings on one convenient synchronised platform across multiple devices - phone, tablet and laptop. 

Our mobile and tablet apps are available across iOS and Android.


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Multiple languages and base currencies

BullsEye is building a global portfolio tracking and analytics platform. 


Monitor market prices and track your portfolio's performance in your chosen local fiat currency. Choose from USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, HKD, SGD, KRW, CAD, JPY and INR.

You can also choose from a range of language settings to further personalise your experience: English, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, Korean and Japanese are available. 

Take your investing to the next level with BullsEye Pro

 1 month $1.99

 12 months $11.99

*prices may vary based on your local currency*

Never miss a move

Set price alert notifications directly to your device for your favourite stocks and cryptos. 

Can you beat the market?

Track portfolio performance versus industry indices such as the FTSE100 and S&P500.

Portfolio risk master

Monitor risk indicators such as concentration and market liquidity.

Let's get technical

Monitor market signals by tracking 50/100/200 day SMAs or using candlestick patterns.

Hit the target

Put your reputation on the line; set price predictions and grow your BERP score to demonstrate your predictive powers. 

Join the BullsEye community

Discuss the latest news and share your predictions using our in-app chat boards.   

BullsEye Insight Blogs

Catch up on the latest news and views


Watchlist & Price Alerts

Effortlessly build a watchlist to closely monitor your favourite stocks and cryptocurrencies in near real-time.

Never miss a market movement.  Set market price notifications directly to your device to stay ahead of the game. 

Coverage across global markets

Live and historic stock prices from global stock exchanges - NASDAQ, NYSE, London Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange.  


Track live prices for all your favourite cryptocurrencies,  including Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Stellar, Link and hundreds more altcoins.


Search global stock and crypto markets Filter the markets for top 24 hour risers and fallers, or search by market cap. 

Awesome portfolio and investment analytics

Monitor changes in your portfolio’s value versus break-even. 

How do you compare with the professionals? Track your portfolio's performance against the wider market by tracking your alpha against recognised industry benchmarks such as the FTSE 100 and S&P 500.

Enhanced portfolio and investment analytics - candlestick formations, 50/100/200 day Simple Moving Averages. 

Monitor daily traded volumes for all stocks and cryptocurrencies. 

Portfolio Risk Master

To be a savvy investor you need the right tools for the job. That's why we provide our users with sophisticated yet easy to understand risk management tools to guide you in your trading and investing decision-making. 

Monitor for market liquidity in all your investments with the integrated liquidity flag and track portfolio concentration levels at the investment level. 

You can set and update your investing risk and potential profiles as the macro economic picture changes and as your investment thesis evolves. 

Market Price Predictions

Like us, are you sick of wild price predictions being made without any thought or consequence across social media?


Well, that's why we have introduced market price predictions. Lock-in your prediction by stating what you think the price will be, and by when. The more accurate you are, the more BERPs you earn. But be careful, you may be docked BERPs if your prediction is way out. 


So c'mon, the time for talking is over. Put your reputation where your mouth is and prove your predictive powers. 

Chat Boards

Become a member of the BullsEye Community and make the most of our in-app chat boards. Discuss the latest news and rumours with like-minded investors. 


There is one for each stock and cryptocurrency.


Save your favourite chat boards for quick access.

Company Profile

& Fundamentals

Are you a value-chasing investor? Let us help enhance your research skills.


Each company listed on the stock market comes with a company profile (business description, industry sector, directors) and fundamentals data. 

Fundamentals data covers Revenue, EBITDA, Gross Profit, Profit Margin, PE Ratio, Dividend Yield and Earnings Per Share.

Development Roadmap

Version 2.0

Q3 2019

Development and release of iOS, Android and web apps (version 2.0)

Version 3.0

Q1 2020

Development and release of the iOS, Android and web apps (version 3.0)

Version 3.6

Q3 2020

Development and release of the iOS, Android and web apps (version 3.6)

Version 4.0

Q1 2021

Changes to be

confirmed shortly

5 star customer experience

We have outstanding feedback for a reason! The BullsEye team is here to help.  


Message the team from within the app for technical support or to answer any questions you have about our service. We will get back to you within 24 hours.  

It's all about the user experience for us. That is why we do not place adverts on our platforms.


Please get in touch if you have suggestions for improvements.