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BullsEye Investors was established by private investor James Scott in 2018 as part of his mission to provide private investors with a portfolio management platform tailored to their needs and one that helps to inform successful investment decision-making.


BullsEye is not a platform for executing trades, but rather one which encourages good investment strategies. Of course, James recognised that there are other stock tracking platforms out there, but saw a clear opportunity; to significantly improve on the dated platforms currently available to him as a UK investor, whilst at the same time bringing together different investment asset classes - namely stocks and cryptocurrencies - onto one platform, placing the private investor's investment strategy at the centre. 

The concept of the BullsEye platform was borne out of a desire to establish a platform which equips private investors (including James himself) with the tools to invest more successfully. Now, this will never mean that BullsEye promises to deliver great investment results - nobody can (or should) offer that! However, many of the principles which BullsEye consider to constitute 'good investment decision-making' are taken from a book written by Lee Freeman-Shor (a billion-dollar fund manager), called The Art of Execution.


Having read this book, James found that the conclusions as to what makes professional investors more successful not only makes great sense, but also that they were simple, elegant and most importantly, could be incorporated into any investing strategy. This sparked the idea to build a platform that encourages and facilitates these behaviours. 

We won't spoil a good read by giving away the conclusions of the book (we'd recommend you 'invest' £12.99 and buy the book to read it yourself). It is a must read for all aspiring or established investors. You will recognise many of the behaviours and thought patterns described in the book, and we would wager that it will change your approach for the better. 

Since launching in 2018, BullsEye has rapidly evolved into a synchronised platform that allows users to access our service from their mobile, tablet or laptop devices. The BullsEye apps are available on the iOS AppStore, Android PlayStore or via our website (see the top of our homepage to register your account and login). On top of that the platform has branched out to cover global stock markets from the UK, US and Canada, as well covering hundreds of the major cryptocurrencies. We are hoping to grow our coverage over the coming years to include more stock exchanges and different investment asset classes. 

We hope you join us on our journey to build a global platform for private investors that really adds some value to your investment decision-making. 

James Scott, Founder

Having worked for a number of years in risk management positions within financial services, including wealth and asset management, James founded BullsEye Investors in May 2018. 

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