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Press Release - Android v1.0

25th April 2019

James Scott, Managing Director


  • BullsEye Investors releases the FIRST VERSION of its Android app on the PlayStore.

  • ALL new users can download the app for FREE and automatically qualify for 30-DAY FREE Bullseye Pro subscription.

  • This release includes NEW and ENHANCED functionality, bringing personalised portfolio and investment management to users across global markets.

BullsEye Investors is excited to announce the first release of its Android app on Google’s PlayStore.

Version 1.0 includes the full suite of BullsEye functionality to match its existing iOS app. This release broadens Bullseye’s platform offering as it now covers the two major mobile operating systems and their App Stores. This ensures Android users can join the Bullseye Community and enjoy awesome features such as the latest news articles from reputable global stock and crypto market sources and engage users from across the global community using chat boards covering all their favourite stocks and cryptocurrencies.

In order to continue to grow its community, Bullseye is giving all new users a 30-day free trial to Bullseye Pro – it’s premium subscription service. Not only does this offer allow users to trial the Bullseye Pro offering for free before purchasing, it also provides the opportunity for Bullseye to more quickly build a community of users across the globe and receive feedback on user experience.

Following this latest release, James Scott, Managing Director at Bullseye Investors stated:
“This release signifies a major milestone for Bullseye and is another exciting step along our development roadmap to provide private investors with the tools and information to take control of their investing strategy and personalise their portfolio tracking and analysis. But we are far from done! We hope to be able to announce the release of our web app within the next few weeks, which will complete the third, and possibly most crucial, platform launch or us as it ensures our users can access Bullseye across their mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
At Bullseye we continue to be driven by the opportunity to simplify portfolio tracking and analysis, making it accessible to all private investors wherever they may be around the world, whichever language they speak and whether they are at home or on the go. We believe strongly that investors should actively manage and monitor their positions rather than relying on the guidance of self-proclaimed experts on social media. Do your own research, monitor the fundamentals and risk profile, then make well-informed investing decisions. These are the guiding principles for us at Bullseye Investors.
Put simply, our mantra is: Forget the FUD. Fight the FOMO.”

Key features to look out for in the new Android release:

  • FREE 30-DAY Bullseye Pro trial for all new accounts!

  • Bullseye Pro offering including new flexible subscriptions options – 1 month for as little as $0.99, 3 months for $2.49 or 12 months for $7.99.

  • Access to news articles and blogs from across the major stock and cryptocurrency markets, sourced from reputable media outlets.

  • A sense of community created by stock and cryptocurrency in-app chat boards covering all your favourite stocks and cryptocurrencies.

  • Enhanced portfolio analytics, including book cost versus market price analysis.

  • Enhanced investment analytics, including candlestick formation analysis.

  • The ability to track and compare investment performance against established market benchmarks, such as the FTSE100, S&P500, Hang Seng and NIFTY50. Or why not use Bullseye’s very own Bullseye Crypto10 cap-weighted index for comparing your crypto’s performance versus the top 10 cryptocurrencies listed by market cap.

  • Multiple languages and localisations - English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Hindi.

  • Quick account setup and tutorial now included to make users feel instantly at home.

For more information please visit us at www.bullseyeinvestors.com, or feel free to contact us directly at enquiries@bullseyeinvestors.com

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